MINI SuperTap Fiber Cable Assemblies for FTTx Solutions

Product Model

MINI SuperTap

Product Description

MINI SuperTap drop cable utilizes miniature fiber supertip connectors to speed deployment of outside plant fiber cabling networks. The compact, MINI SuperTap connector design allows the drop cable to be installed in tight conduit space, and requires smaller, less intrusive holes in buildings. This minimizes the need for construction and ensures more cost savings when service turn up is required. The miniature connectors also allow the use of smaller enclosures and service terminals—allowing more flexibility for installing on poles, hand holes and other space limited environments. MINI SuperTap drop cables are ruggedly designed and hardened to protect from extreme outside plant temperatures, moisture and chemicals. Backward compatible with older generations of hardened and non-hardened connector systems, MINI SuperTap drop cable integrates seamlessly into existing fiber optic networks. MINI SuperTap drop cable is available in a variety of cable types including dielectric and locatable/toneable hardened cable.

  • Single-fiber, single-mode hardened connector SC APC drop cable assemblies
  • Available with one or both ends connectorized
  • Available standard lengths – from 50 to 2000’ increments (longer assemblies available upon request)
  • Environmentally sealed connector
  • Easy connection to hardened adapters on terminals or closures
  • Pulling eye on connector cap is designed for 100 lb. maximum pulling tension
  • MINI SuperTap connector designed to GR-3120 specifications


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