Fiber 8 core Pre-terminated Fiber Distribution Box

Product Description

The exterior connectorized NAP/CTO box is used as a termination point for the feeder cable to connect with drop cable in FTTH network building. Compared to the traditional FDB box, the installation of pre connectorized termination box no need to open the box to assemble the optical connector, which can reduce the installation time and save labor cost. The pre-con box perfectly compatible with all kinds of SC fast connectors, based on the field assemble technology, the technicians can make the patch cord of any length according to their needs, no need polish. each connector can be completed within 2 minutes. High efficiency, reliable quality and cost-effective makes the preconnectorizado solution the best choice for telecom operator and ISP distributors.

Dimensions 298×231.5×98.5 (tolerance ±3mm)
Material PC/ABS  Metal parts: SUS201/304
Flame retardant Box material meets UL94-V0
Color Black(product color can be customized according to customer requirements)
Installation method Wall hanging/pole
Illustrate 1. The box lid can be customized with laser marking/silk screen printing exclusive LOGO according to customer requirements;

2. The box body is opened using a special-shaped lock;

3. The box body can accommodate 8 prefabricated end adapters;

4. The box body can support entry without cutting the cable;

5. The box body is equipped with two branch cable inlets;

6. The fiber trays are stacked in steps, making the cable management clearer;

7. The cable outlet is equipped with a protective cover for safer eye protection;

8. Protection level: IP65;

Accessory list
Serial number Attachment description Specifications and models Configuration quantity Unit Remark
1 Heat shrink protective sleeve 1.2*60mm 72 Root
2 Nylon tie 2.5*100mm 15 Root
3 Insulation Tape Black 3 Meter
4 φ4 bare fiber protection tube 0.5 Meter
5 φ4 serpentine winding tube 0.5 Meter
6 cleaning wipes 1 Pack
7 plastic expansion sleeve φ4*30 3 Grain Wall mounting/pole installation (optional)
8 ST3.9*34 cross recessed pan head self-tapping screws SUS201 3 Grain
9 Pole mounting plate SUS201 2 Piece
10 M4*6 cross recessed flat head screws SUS201 4 Grain
11 75*235mm hoop SUS201 2 Piece
12 Open tool 1 Piece Can be equipped with special tools


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