FTTH Optical Adapter SX OM3 Fiber Adapter with black dust cap

Product Model


Product Description

SC fiber optic adapter can be used with terminal box, patch panel, splice closure and so on. They are assembled in panels and allow connecting pigtails with patchcords. For every type of connector there is equivalent type of adapter.

SC optical adapter is of flange type, single mode adapters are with zirconia sleeve . implements connection of SC fiber optic connectors in the fiber optic lines.It only produce a little loss for implementing optical path smooth. SC optical adapter makes two end face precision docking, which can make light energy from transmitter optical fiber coupled to receiver optical fiber efficiently and will reduce impact to a minimum because of intervention optical link of system.

  1. Good durability and exchangeability
  2. Various Connector Type Available
  3. High temperature stability
  4. Low Insertion Loss and Back Reflect


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