SpringOptic develops a high density MTP/MPO cabling solution with it’s constant innovation in the field. The MTP/MPO is a standard mini, highdensity connector, equipped with Multi-fiber cable , which makes the connection stable and reliable. The connection and testing of high density connector with ribbon cable are finished in factory, so that it can be plugged and played with the equipments on site directly, and support the rapid deployment at users’ data center, which makes MTP/MPO cabling system become an ideal solution with the growing demands on high-capacity cabling data center. Simple installation, compact design,high precision, plug and play, etc.

120 core MTP/MPO Fibre Optic Patch Panels Enclosure

Product Model

 SP-MPO-120 Core

Product Description

The fiber system has a higher and higher demand on fiber optic connectors with the changes from single mode fiber to multi-mode fiber, from 10G to 40G, 100G. Ethernet transmission of 40G and 100G also becomes the developing trend in data center cabling system. Traditional connectors are more and more difficult to achieve Multi-Fiber and Highperformance.According to the International standard, high density MTP/MPO connector has been a standard port in the Ethernet transmission of 40G and 100G.



  • 19″rack mount, the panel and modules are made of cold rolled steel sheet.
  • Modular in design with higher density, special mini module comes up to 24 LC or 12 SC adapter ports and switch to MTP/MPO connection.
  • 1U patch panel capacity come up to 120F fully loaded with 5 modules. and 2U capacity come up to 288F fully loaded with 12 modules, save more space for large data centers and reduce combined cost.
  • Unique tool-free installation design for easy and fast assembly and installation.
  • Factory pre- terminated module, plug and play on site, no need fiber splicing and cable wiring which saves labor cost.
  • This system can also support application of optoelectronic hybrid with Standard RJ45 keystone jack , achieve the function of network distribution and cover a wider application.
  • Front cable management function is convinent for managing cable and identifying link label.


  • Data communication applications
  • Data Center infrastructure
  • Storage Area Network – Fiber Channel
  • Emerging 40 and 100Gbps Protocols compatible   

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