4 Fiber SC/APC Pigtails with 4.5×9.8mm Toneable Flat Drops

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Product Description

Toneable drop cable is a type of fiber optic cable that is specifically designed to allow for the use of tone generators and tracers for identifying and troubleshooting individual fibers within the cable. A tone generator is a device that sends a low-frequency audio signal, or “tone,” down a fiber optic cable. This tone can then be detected by a tone tracer, which is a handheld device that can locate the exact location of the tone along the length of the cable. This allows network engineers to quickly and easily identify individual fibers within a cable, which can be useful when troubleshooting and maintaining a network.

The main difference between toneable drop cable and other types of fiber optic cable is that toneable cable has a copper conductor within the cable jacket. This conductor is used to transmit the tone generator’s signal along the length of the cable and allows the use of tone tracing. Other types of fiber optic cable do not have this copper conductor, and therefore cannot be used with tone generators and tracers. This means that identifying individual fibers within the cable can be more difficult and time-consuming, requiring the use of other methods such as visual inspection or continuity testing. Toneable drop cable is particularly useful in situations where a large number of fibers are running in close proximity to each other, such as in a multi-fiber cable or a fiber distribution hub. In these cases, the ability to quickly and easily identify individual fibers can save a lot of time and effort in troubleshooting and maintenance.

  • Provides superior weather resistance for FTTA and other outdoor applications.
  • Allows flexibility to use factory terminated assemblies or pre-terminated or field installed assemblies
  • Suitable for FTTA and outdoor temperature extremes Ensures functionality in harsh weather environments
  • Can be installs without special tooling
  • Provides bend protection for installation and long term use
  • Faster network roll out and customer installations
  • 100% tested assemblies built in a controlled environment
  • Lower cost deployment by utilizing plug and play solutions


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