48F Multi-operator Distribution Cabinet Box

Product Model


Product Description

Distribution Cabinet Box – The Multi-Operator cabinet is a grouping module for fusion, coupling and connection of up to 48 fibers.

It is a junction box and connection that is used in FTTH networks inside buildings as an optical interconnection point between the optical cables of the power supply or distribution networks of the operators and the distribution network of the building (vertical).

Its modular design allows it to be used in independent modules either as a module for terminating the operator’s network and housing optical dividers or as an optical interconnection module with the vertical network of the building, allowing the parking of fiber termination connectors in the panel itself. Directly provide the discharges to the homes of customers.

The boxes are installed bolted directly to the wall in common areas of the building: garages, communications rooms, interior rooms, etc.



  1. Multi-operator cabinet with six trays and capacity for 48 fibers.
  2. Allow the connection between multiple operators and clients, allows the connection through panels or directly by splices.
  3. The flexible side entrance that allows to stack several boxes and an oval entrance that facilitates the bleeding of the cable. Fire resistant that allows splicing, patching, dividing or storing optical fibers, equipped with an 8mm male triangular closing wrench.
  4. It has a central area to organize the fibers which is protected with a main door.
  5. It has compartments separated by a distribution panel of up to 48 optical fibers and allows the installation of the cables by means of  fusion or direct connection.
  6. Possibility of scalability according to the number of operators that address the building
  7. Standardized dimensions, according to the recommendations of TELEFÓNICA, approved for the main operators.


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