Fiber Optical FTTH Box Wall Mounted 2 Core Terminal Box

Product Model


Product Description

Fiber Optic 2 port Wall Plate is a common terminal product in FTTH solutions. Easy Operation, fasten the cable safely. It has many functions, insert a variety cables by so many ways, and firmly fixed optical fiber and optical cable, pull off force exceed 50N, will not cause damage to the fiber, protect the fiber reduce the risk of potential damage, complete the access and port output of the fiber, also no extra insertion loss.


  1. Size: 86mm×86mm×24mm, compatible with power faceplate, easy installation.
  2. With dustproof shutter doors.
  3. Made of high quality ABS, anti-collision, flame retardant, resistance to impact.
  4. All the materials complied with ROHS standard.
  5. Convenient press-pull button lock design greatly reduced installation strength.
  6. With reasonable interior space design, allowed redundant fiber storage.
  7. With good fiber bending radius protection, and protection of input and output optical cable
  8. Interface fit for a variety of adapters and connectors, Simplex FC, SC, ST or duplex LC.
  9. Remarkable laser warning identification.
  10. Fit for all kinds of fiber optic cable installation operation, fusion splicing, mechanical splicing and FMC are available,and provides fixed and protection for optical fiber connection.


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