FTTH ROC Dielectric Flat Drop Cables 3.0×5.4mm

Product Model

ROC Dielectric Flat Drop Cables 3.0×5.4mm

Product Description

ROC Drop Dielectric Cables with Fast AccessTechnology provides a more efficient, craft-friendly cable preparation unparalleled by traditional flat drop cables. The innovative Fast Access Technology design simplifies removal of the cable jacket resulting in up to 55 percent faster fiber access time than traditional drop cables. This technology improves ease of use because no special tools are needed. The cable design is backward compatible for easy connectorization or splicing. Optimized for both field-and-factory termination processes, the compact design allows for easier handling in the field, reduces slack storage requirements and improves transportation and storage costs. The toneable version allows for easy detection of buried cables with a toning conductor. ROC Drop Toneable with FastAccess Technology are also available in preconnectorized assemblies.

  • Standard practices and hardware compatibility
  • Fiber protection and signal integrity
  • Material acceptability
  • Eliminates bonding and grounding requirements
  • Improves ease of handling and installation; reduces transportation and storage costs


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