MPO/MTP Fiber Optical Adapter

Product Model


Product Description

The MPO/MTP Fiber Optical Adapteris to provide MPO Patchcord to MPO patchcord Fiber connecting. MPO Optical Adapters are flange type adaptors with plastic housing, both single mode and multimode ones available.MPO Adapters are used in high-density backplane and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) applications in data and telecommunications systems. They offer up to 12 times the density of standard connectors. The MPO adapters provide significant space and cost savings.


  1. Applied to 4-24 core SM or MM fiber connection
  2. Two-piece type adapter can be customized opposed (UP-DOWN)key and aligned(UP-UP) key
  3. Two-piece type adapter can be customized plastic housing and metal housing
  4. One-piece type adapter is stable opposed(UP-DOWN) key
  5. Plastic housing can be customized black, green, yellow, water blue, pink and other colors
  6. Customized with flange and short flange adapter
  7. SC-type MPO adapter compatible with SC panel
  8. Standard shockproof spring, close to the panel installation
  9. Comply with IEC61754-7-1, Telcordia GR-1435, ROHS standard


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