Outdoor Pre-connectorized TW Hybrid Fast Connector IP Mini SC Optical H Connector Compatible

Product Description

TW Hybrid connector combines T and W outdoor harsh environment connectors together. It can mate wih Corning OptiTap adapter and mini SC adapter. TW hybrid connector makes change different connecting method in field possible. TW cable assemblies provide the most cost effective method of deploying optical fiber in outside plant distribution networks at speeds significantly fast than traditional field installations. TW hybrid connector guarantees an easy, one-step connection system with the combined push-pull insertion and nut-style mechanical latch. It provides quick installation solutions and has good performance on mating with Corning OptiTap adapter and Mini SC adapter. Cable can be 5.0mm round and Fig.8 drop type.

  • The product consists of the main connector and the adapters, which is suitable for connect Huawei FAST adapter and Corning OPT adapter
  • Connector inner low loss parts conforms to the SC-APC standard of IEC61754-4
  • Suitable for outdoor installation, with the functions of waterproof, dustproof and corrosion resistance
  • Suitable for 5.0mm round and Fig.8 drop type


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