Pre Connected SuperTap SST Tonable Drop Patch Cables with Locate Wire or copper wire

Product Description

Spring SuperTap/H connector assemblies provide a robust and sealed connection solution for fiber to the home (FTTH) connectivity. The hardened connector end incorporates an SC/APC type connection within a slim, sealed, threaded polymer housing allowing easy connection to either a multiport terminal or in-line extension receptacle. The SC/APC connector mates to a standard adapter, providing a common interface for FTTH applications. Available with flat drop or traditional round style OSP cables, the hardened connector provides an ideal solution for direct burial, conduit, or aerial installations.

Pre Connected OptiTap Compatible SST Tonable Drop Patch Cables Acometida exterior 1 fibra with 4.5*9.8mm Flat Drop Cables and locate wire

  • Compatible with Corning-OptiTap and H-Connector
  • Cable length 100ft, 200ft, 300ft, 500ft, 1000ft or customized
  • Factory terminated for high performance
  • Available with one or both ends connectorized
  • Hybrid (one end with an OptiTap Connector, one end with standard SC connector) available with or without pulling grip
  • Available in dielectric or toneable
  • Designed for aerial, direct-buried or duct installation
  • IP-68 water and dust protection
  • -40℃~85℃ operating temperature


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