Fiber Optic Desktop Insertion & Return Loss Test Machine

Product Model

 Outlines Desktop Insertion Return Loss Tester

Product Description

Desktop Insertion Return Loss Tester with color screen has stable and reliable performance, which integrates stable light source, high-precision power meter, insertion loss meter and return loss meter into one multifunction instrument. Based on domestic customers’ requirements, R&D team combined advantages of same type instrument within China/overseas and then developed the high-precision tester by several years’s unremitting effort. With high cost effective and state of art characteristics, it can be widely used for OEM device verification, research institutions R&D and construction maintenance in optical fiber/passive devices/optical communication system industries where demand plug loss, return loss and stability measurements


  1. Multiple display, easy handling, fast response and stability
  2. Stable output power/high detection speed/wide measurement range
  3. Wavelength synchronous switching
  4. Light source and power meter achieve wavelength synchronous switching under insertion/return loss mode
  5. Multiple working mode
  6. Return loss mode/insertion loss mode/power meter/dual-wavelength testing
  7. Color recognition for test result
  8. Different colors correspond different test results. Pass/Fail is available by just a glance. P
  9. Return loss/insertion loss are synchronously measured. No buttons switching
  10. High definition LCD plus multi-level test interfaces bring rich visual experience and easing visual fatigue
  11. Electro-magnetic proofing by metal covering. Durable buttons bring comfortable finger handling experience
  12. Smart removable interfaces of light source and power meter
  13. Easy to be disassembled to clean optical detector or replace with others adapters(FC/SC/ST/2.5mm general/1.25mm general/MT-RJ) or clean inside APC adapter. Note only need to rotate light source/power meter interface to disassemble it
  14. Time is available to reasonably organize work
  15. The tester can connect to computer and transmit test data to it. Specialized program give Pass/Fail result of jumper. Test data is available for analysis, readout and record.


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