SP-GJS-M5 144 Core Mechanical Dome Type Fiber Optic Splice Closure

Product Model


Product Description

SP-GJS-M5 type of Fiber Optic Splice Closure (FOSC) is a member of dome series. The function of the product is in the optical transmission link, to provide various types of fiber optic cable through, branching, and related connecting protection, IP safety rate is IP68. It can be installed 1×2: 32 PLC splitter or 2×2: 16 PLC splitter. This model has four small round ports and one large round port. The sealing component is made from vulcanized rubber. The sealing method adopts screw pressure. This model is suitable for different methods of branch connection, including branching of uncut cables. It could be used for aerial, pole-mounting, wall-mounting and underground application. This model is excellent in sealing performance, easy for installation, wide application and is prior choice of fiber connection equipment.

1. Excessive fibers can be stored in storage baskets. Easy in fiber
2. Fabricated by mixing the imported material and other chemical assistant agent (ageing resistance & ultraviolet radiation
resistance), increase of servicelife
3. Base-to-dome seals on FOSC are mechanical and heat-shrinkable for ease of installation and No other sealing adhesive tape is needed
4. The splice trays are hinged for access to any splice without disturbing otherstrays
5. FOSC with a earthling device protect it from damage bylightning


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