SC/UPC Fiber Optic Quick Connector Field-Installable Fast Connector

Product Model


Product Description

Planar lightwave circuit (PLC) splitter is a type of optical power management device that is fabricated using silica optical waveguide technology to distribute optical signals from Central Office (CO) to multiple premise locations.

Mini PLC splitter has stronger fiber protection than bare fiber splitter, which is a miniaturization result of cassette splitter. It’s mainly used for various connection and distribution boxes or network cabinets.

  1.  No epoxy and polishing required;
  2. No expensive tools required;
  3. Quick and easy fiber termination;
  4. Precision mechanical alignment insures low insertion loss;
  5. Superior optical performance;
  6. Streamlined component design, convenient operation;
  7. Pre-installed, on-site assembly without end face grinding and consideration;
  8. Uses proven, molded v-groove technologies;
  9. Allow optical continuity to be verified by use of visual fault locator (VFL);
  10. Fiber optic communication system and telecommunication networks;
  11. Fiber optic data transmission;
  12. CATV;
  13. Optical access.


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